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2017-07-30 19:30:41 (UTC)

Arguments about future decisions

Hello people!

It is 4.11 p.m. and I am here again. I had a pretty normal weekend with some arguments for a change. Once again, I am not in the mood for describing them in detail. I can assure it was about something stupid, believe me.

We had lunch in my parents'house. My father cooked as he recovered from the flu. As I said before the weather was nice so we stayed outside of their house... in the leisure area.

Right now, I am washing one load of clothes. God fed up to see the dirty clothes in the basket and as it is sunny I decided to do it now... on a Sunday.

My daughter kindly offered me her computer... ha ha ha No, I borrowed from her for a while.

I have spoken to my husband and he is doing all right. Today I asked him if he misses us and he told me yes.

The day I am free of my routine here I should write down below. I mean, if any change happens why not to register... I already registered that my husband might come next year...

So, apart from the arguments (all about future decisions) my day was awful and slow... but I am fine today. Yesterday, I was dizzy and horrible. Health problems I guess I don't know what exactly was causing me to feel nauseous as well.

I am just happy for the simple fact, I am feeling well.

So, good energy for all of us and happy Sunday for all of us.

See you soon my dairy!