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2017-07-29 16:43:48 (UTC)

Saturday morning heartache

I sit here right now wondering what in the hell happened here? My daughter and I are farther and farther apart. I have had to text her to call me. I am still waiting for her to send me required forms from her last closing. She claims she gave them to the boss when she picked up her check, but he only sends me one page signed by all at closing, she is required to send me the closing statement that both side go over with attorney at closing. I guess it like always, she gets her check and runs off as if she owes no one anything else. But that is not the way it works.

I asked her last Sunday if the granddaughter in Ca received the package I sent her with cash? No one responded about it, so I did not send her anything this week. Why should I? No thank you. Nothing. I am fed up being treated like this. It is so hurtful. I honestly wish she would give up the real estate business or just go to another company. I like to do things by the book. I like to be able to complete my files and close then as completed by the end of the week and then by the end of the month just like responsible people do. She does not give a shit about anything.

I woke up with pain in my stomach for the third day now. MY knee is much better today. So, I will continue to stay off it and hope by doing so, it will heal completely. I am going to be thinking of who I can hire to help me out if I need it when he goes to work again. I really hate the thought of having a stranger here. It seems kind of silly to me. I do get up, take a shower, and start my day just like anyone else. I have phone calls to make, emails to read and return and sometimes, research to do. Having a nurse type here to hover over me waiting for me to fall down like a 90 yr old with no balance is not necessary. But if he is willing to pay for that, then I can use that money to pay for some house keeping and organizing. I am ok with that. If I can choose someone I like, if I trust them enough I feel like I can get some things done round here and have things finally set up like they should be and relieve the stress from my shoulders. And knowing I have someone to stop in here to do stuff that I simply can not do any longer is worth a lot to me. If I am having a bad day with my knee, I can call them to come then too...and pay them for that day instead of the week. At least I am hoping this is the way things work out.

The two people I am thinking of, one has a little one and the other is home schooling a preteen. I really do not want children or kids here. I know one of them and their family. I Do not want people knowing my business or stopping by here just because she is here. I do not want that. I am working here and want to maintain a professional atmosphere. Not the one with the little one, if she has him in day care, she could come do more than clean....I am pretty sure already of her ability. Kind of ask a lot of questions, but I could train her to do a lot of things for assistant. I have always needed an assistant. She could take photos for me...and help me attend listing appointments with the photos and sign...and keeping notes. I just do not know yet. I want to make sure he has done the things he promises to do here....before I ask anyone about coming here to help me.

Anyway, my heart is aching today a little because of the crappy way my daughter is treating me. I am real close to just disowning her for good. I refuse to be treated like shit. Done too damn much for her for things to be this way.