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2017-07-29 03:45:16 (UTC)

To a Friend

Mood: distracted
Song: One more light by Linkin Park
Color: Maroon

"Darkness Cannot drive out darkness only light can do that,
Hate cannot drive out Hate only love can do that"
-Martin Luther King Jr.

I understand not catching a break....
I get that life is rough and not fair and hard, i know that you have been hurt and that people haven't treated you the way that you deserve to be treated.
I understand that you are grieving losses.
I know that you feel like you are all alone in the world and that things are absolutely hopeless and why should you try because every time you get your hopes up something else cashes down.
I know that you despise the words "i understand" but in this case i actually do.
I know what being lonely feels like, i know what if feels like to be left disappointed.
I'm not saying i understand everything you feel, i'm not discounting your valid feelings.... but i am saying that despite what you think or have been led to believe you are not alone in this, you aren't the only one feeling the way you do.
And you don't have to continue to face things alone....
I know that you have been alone, and i don't think you know any other way of living or dealing with things....so you push people away over and over.
You curse life, people, Love, Joy, Hope, Faith. ect.
but i know that people tend to push away the things they know they want and need the most out of fear of not getting it.

You want love even though you say you don't but you do, because you are human, created by God with a heart that was made for love as much as you'd like to deny it.
You want friends and good people to be around you want kindred spirits....as much as you say you'd like to just kill off large amounts of people.
You want Love even thought you say you don't want it, i think that your heart if you'd let it has great and amazing capacity to love, spiritually platonically, Romantically...but it's freaking scary as hell because you've been hurt and you don't want to get hurt again but not loving is hurting you as well you know???
You want Joy, you want to have optimism in the midst of all the crap that comes along you want to be able to look on the bright side an see that good despite all the bad things around you.
You want to have Hope so that you could find something redeeming about people, so that you could love them and allow them to know and love you the same.
And then there is faith which i believe is a big part of having hope, it's knowing that things will be okay... that things can change, that things can get better and they do!

Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing.

Someday something will have to give Someday things will look up and things will become clear someday things will be different.
You know why?
Cause i believe it will, because I believe in you.
Because i love you, because God loves you.
Because as bad as things are bad, when they are good they are great and it's those moments those times that we have to live for, not all the things that make us wish we weren't alive.
Keep trying. Keep keeping on...cause there is a purpose for you.

Until the next time Vampire
-The wizard