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2017-07-28 23:40:09 (UTC)

Texas Tomorrow

Mood: Scattered and tired
Song: Better Day's by the Goo Goo Dolls
Color: Dark Blue

My thoughts are very scattered and i'm writing cause i feel overwhelmed i have things i'm supposed to be doing but instead i'm hiding out cause everyone around me is in a bad mood, stressed and like me grieving.
So it seems like we are all walking on egg shells.
I'm also mentally, Physically emotionally preparing for a 12 hour drive tomorrow down to Texas...I can fly just fine...how ever cars... ugh i get carsick way to easily.
But i can't and won't not go to this funeral...
I need to go and pay my respects to my grandmother....but also i need to be there to support my family.

here's my current to do list:
Pack Shoes
Download music onto my phone for the drive
Pack my laptop
Pack Phone charger
Do NOT forget Head phones
Clean Room
Take out Trash
Pack a notebook/ Sketch book and pencils
Medicine/ Ib profin
Pillow/Blanket for the car

Some of this i do today, some of it obviously in the morning before we leave.

like while i'm writing i'm also downloading music. multitasking...... yay.
well that just means that i got really distracted and wasted like 45 minutes looking at music on YouTube...

okay going to stop putting off things and run!