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2017-07-28 20:04:32 (UTC)

Friday end of a few days

Not the end of a working week. We are retired. Not the end of a school week, we are not students. Not the end of a lovely vacation, we are not on vacation. Just the end of another few days. Hoping to get the yardwork done before the rain comes. He is out there now pulling his wagon around our property raking up the grass. He spent a lot of time getting that wagon back to duty ready. Taking the wheels off and buying new ones. Then he took the wagon and tires to have them put on. Now, he is happy. I got a wagon too. It is big but not as big as his. You see my wagon sometimes being pulled at the beach with chairs, buckets for sandcastles my tires are flat too. I will be mentioning my wagon soon. But not too soon. He now is ready to start painting bath and installing my toilet. He started it, then stopping wanting to weight on inspector to come inspect their work. He came yesterday. So, we are good to go.

My son has someone who says they will come get that dining table this weekend. Good will left a message saying they could not make it.
So, now, back to plan z l or S. We could put the love seat in den, it is not that bad. They can take the sofa in there to the dump. We talked about that this morning. So, we have a plan and things are happening.

I picked up the Hemp oil. I have been trying it since. But going to take a break as of today. I woke up with my stomach hurting in that same area that concerns me sometimes. If course no one can figure it out or is it just bad insurance? My knee is throbbing but not as bad as it was. Insurance cannot approve any help for that either. And the knee is stopping me from making any money.

The insurance empire has controlled this country for years. We were talking about how much we paid...before ACA. It was 1100.00 a month, the went up to 1400, 1500. We cancelled it then. Did not have insurance for a couple years but saved the money we had set aside for insurance and used it when we needed checkups and stuff. Now, they got a bunch of people paying for insurance like me that does them no good to have since the insurance company will not agree to do anything. No hearing aids. No knee replacement. Doctors say I need both of those things...but the insurance company says no. If you added up all the money we have given to them n the past few years, I could have paid for hearing aids and a knee replacement surgery.

Sick of it. And so is everyone else.