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2017-07-28 12:32:35 (UTC)

The year is passing

Hi there!

Once again it is a beautiful day here in Brazil. I would like to go out but I am low on cash. So, next week I really need to get out of the house so I will have to spend some money.

My notebook has failed and I sent it to be fixed. I am not sure it will work again. For now, I am using my daughter's notebook to write.

I just had breakfast and put another load of clothes to wash. I already vacuumed the house this week but I could do it again. However, the cleaner is coming on Monday... so she will have to do it because I am not in the mood to do it right now... Maybe in the afternoon.

My mother seemed to be recovering from the cleaning she was doing yesterday. She seemed very tired when I popped there. I haven't seen my father since yesterday morning. I hope he is better from his bronchitis... He was so bad I was worried about his health.

I am feeling all right though I would like to be doing more about my life. But I guess I have already wrote about it.

As I wrote yesterday my husband might be coming to see us again next year. I truly hope so. I am glad about it. So, we are in the end of July... I thought I wound't be happy about this idea of years passing by but I am because I will be able to be with my husband on his birthday and that is nice.

Well, I will go back to my routine and see if I sweep the floors.

Good energy to all of us...