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2017-07-26 23:27:24 (UTC)

2 days up and down

Well, it has been something else around here. No help from the worthless piece of crap doctors. Probably because of my insurance telling them how to treat me. Love the fact that some snotty nose insurance idiot in a cubicle somewhere is deciding whether I get a new knee or not. They have no idea how much pain and disabled this is making me. I am sick of it.

Especially when my husband says he will not take his next job assignment and stay home with me instead since I am now taking falls and having episodes where I can not put any weight on it at all and when that happens I need help right then and there., he come up with a new idea after thinking about all that money we would be missing out on. He asked me how I would feel about having someone come here to stay with me part of the day while he works? Like a "care giver"? Oh man....he said for me they would be more like a companion, just here in case you need them, and they could help get stuff done around here so I do not have to be up on my feet so much. Hmmmmm?

Okay, we will give this idea some thought. But I am not excited about have a complete stranger in here.

I went to pick up the hemp oil this afternoon. That woman took her daughter out of public school and she is being home schooled. The teachers are horrible. No wonder we have had a kids jump off bridges in this area to their deaths. Ass hole teachers. A teacher should not be a bully to children. I would have kicked her damn ass and took the jail time. But these people choose to take her out completely. Which is a good move. If I had kids in school now, home schooling is what we would be doing too.

Anyway....been off my feet since that last incident. Rode to that house but did not get out of car... then came back home....
if he has his way, I will have someone else to do these things for me and I can lay around and do nothing.

If I had the money we have paid for insurance in the last two or three years.....premiums, deductibles, etc....I could pay cash for
a knee replacement. Fuck this country.