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2017-07-26 15:46:26 (UTC)

Delicious breakfast

Hi there!

It is such a beautiful day here where I live... It is sunny and it is not cold at all. It is pleasant and fresh, just as I like. I am glad that I went out with my mother even though it was our usual trip to the supermarket. We had a nice breakfast there and I enjoyed a lot. It is always good to see people around me.

My mother was fine. She still mentioned the argument we had but I guess she sensed I was not in the mood to pick up a fight. So, the trip to the supermarket was fine.

This afternoon, I didn't do a lot in the house. At the moment, I am doing some laundry as I need to be on time with that. I am free during this afternoon.

I am so happy I had this holidays with my daughter and I could relax for a while. I was fed up of getting up early to be at home after taking her to school.

This morning I spoke briefly with my husband. He was all right and he was just about to go to his job. I hope he won't return home so tired.

Well, as I don't have anymore news to report, I hope to continue my day in a good mood.

Good energy to all of us!