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2017-07-26 05:29:02 (UTC)

ABC easy as...

Mood: Tired bored want to write but have writers block
Song: I can't quite figure out what it is....
Color: Dark blue

The ABC's of my life recently .

A- Already been down that road and no i'm not falling for it again.
B- Breathe your not alone.
C- Change is taking place and everything is pointing at it and C is also for Cough drops.
D- Dan and Phil Videos, Day Dreaming, Dang!, Drawing hybrid Children, Daily Drama, Dealing with the past.
E- Emma and chasing away her nightmares, Easy, Erase, Ears and infection, Elimination
F- Fighting the right enemy's the right way, Fairy's flying all around, Fish or rather kids learning to swim like them.
G- Guessing games...always the guessing games, Glue, Guns, Guarding, Growing, Glowing
H- Hell, helping, Hello, Heartache, Hiding things, holing on as if life depended on it.
I- Invisible, Irritated, Irate, Intense, Iris, it's kind of a funny story.... intimidated, illusion, It by Stephen King, Ice tray, Ice Coffee,
J- Just Thinking in the silences. James, Josh, Jumping through hoops and just trying to survive.
K- Kindness even when it's hard, Knights and Kisses, Kids, and babies, Killing, Karl, Kick into action, Kiwi, Kings and Queens of Narnia
L- Love, Loss, Lonely, Leaving, Leaning, Leaning and Losing my mind
M- Mighty, Moving back? Marker, Maker, Miles to go before i sleep.
N- Nobody knows everything about me yet, Neat, No, Nothing is worth losing a friendship over, Nora, Neighbors, Nobody that's me.
O- Open book, Only one chance left, Onto something.
P- People are crazy and mean and beautiful and nasty and needed., Pretty little liar, Pictures, Pain, Places to be and belong.
Q- Questions, Quitting, Quiet, Quilted together memories and people meshing in my mind.
R- Robert, Rage, Remember, Rebel Rouser's, Rachel and the kids, Round pegs in square holes, Redo, Relax, Run away, Rare form.
S- Safety, Selfish people, songs that keep you sane, Salt, Summer sun and it's to hot, Shot in the dark.
T- Tattoos, Tall tales, Tall males, Trading this for that, Twisted, Twinges, Training, Tiring,
U- Underdog, Undertale, Understanding or rather not so much understood, Unanswered questions, Unruffled, unwrapped, Unsettled.
V- Vampire, Vampire diary's, vanity, Very shy, very different Very Changed Victory, Venture Vulture(Turkey) Visit from old friends?
W- Weak, Wind, Willow, Window, Wizard, Wanted, Wasted time, wary, Watchers on a wall, Wishing for things that won't happen, Wince
X- Xenagogue because we all need a guide, Xenial toward friends, Xray for the tooth i had to have pulled on the 4th of July :(
Y- Yellow, Yes, Yesterday i rolled with the punches yesterday keeps hitting me, Yearning, Years passing, You aren't here, You and me would get together.
Z- Zoe, Zeal, Zero: Money, ideas, energy, Zip code remembering, Zenon movie from old Disney.