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2017-07-25 22:42:07 (UTC)

Long night


I am bit anxious right now... This is related to the argument I had with my mother last Sunday... But I survive her ways as well. She came here and started talking about the incident and so on... Never mind... I will get over it.

It 7.33 p.m. and I watched a little bit of the soap opera. Now I am not in the mood of watching another one so I came here.

My father called me to his/ their house and started showing some of his plans for the future. It is so nice to see that my father is better and recovering from the flu. He deserves some rest. He still coughs a lot but I like to see him feeling better.

I don't have anything to do at the moment and the night becomes long. Also, I slept a little bit during the afternoon. It was good at that time but now I am not tired and I should be because I am going out tomorrow morning. I guess I worry to much about the time I sleep specially because I am on a holiday. Hopefully, I will sleep better tonight.

So, I will find something to watch on TV.

Good night and good energy to everyone.