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2017-07-24 23:07:50 (UTC)


I swear man, I been trying hard to take it fast turns...walking slowly...with help of a shopping cart, and here, a wall, leaning on furniture...etc. So, about 30 minutes ago, I was in the bathroom finishing up from peeing....and when I took my first step, it felt like my leg had been jerked around backwards or something....I had to hold onto the wall....stand there a second....then when I put my weight on my left was like holy way was that I hollered. He did not hear me. My bedroom door is closed. So, I hollered again. No one came. I stood there a while and hopped to the sink.....and stood there a while....then I hopped to the bedroom and to my chair. HOLY SHIT!

I am now with an icepack.....on bottom and top of knee. He finally found my "walker" and I am in so much fucking is unreal.

I have drank beer this afternoon. Not enough for a buzz, but enough to know no meds right he gave me a couple of high powered aspirns. And nothing is easing off this pain. SHIT!!!! MOTHER FUCK......

We are going to tell these fucking clowns to go to hell.....and He is calling the doctors in Charlotte who replaced his hip. I started going to them.....and then changed for convenience. So, I am hoping to get an appointment way I will be able to go to gyn like this....shit.