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2017-07-24 17:50:03 (UTC)

After the weekend...

My boss called today after I had received notice that she had one of her closings this morning. I have not heard from her since about it, but she did send the closing statement. I had text her to find out if she has heard from the granddaughter. I have not. So, I do not even know if she received the package I sent last week. I will not be sending anything else if I do not have confirmation that she did.

One of my friends, whom I met here by the way sent me a new recording of her singing a cover song. Sounded pretty good too. Then on FB, she posted a clip of her singing at a pub. It all was delightful. I sent her a message to let her know he is going back to work in August, and I intend to pull out my guitar and make some recordings of some of my originals. I am really looking forward to hearing that girl sing one of them or more if she chooses. I love it The thought brings me a smile inside and out.

So, today I will take it easy....and work on post cards later in the week to mail out later. I told this to the boss and intend to do it.

My daughter not being in touch may be because she has let her phone be turned off again. I am not sure. But I am not sending the letter I wrote to her. I keep remembering that she did not even thank me for the car....and she is the one who SCREAMED OUT THAT TIME that she hated me and always has. She was like 13 then. Not sure if that was coming from her or her mom. But I do get the message and soon
she will get mine.