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2017-07-24 04:48:49 (UTC)


Mood: Melancholy
Song: Ron Pope A drop in the ocean
Color: Orange

"I use the Pensieve. One simply siphons the excess thoughts from one's mind pours them into the basin and examines them at one's leisure"

The concept of having a pensieve is very interesting concept.
On the one hand it sounds amazing to just have a place to literally dump your thoughts, which anyone on this sight or one like it, any writer in the history of the world can understand the need to dump your thoughts and get it out.
Which is why literally having them out of you head, and being able to put them back when ever you want/need is an amazing thing... like when you've been agonizing over something and you can't sleep and it's been bothering you, you can literally take it out of your mind for a while and get some peace and then come back to it.

now i can't see that losing thoughts and having them completely out of your mind would not have consequences i mean you lose memories and well it's those things that make us who we are, both the good an the bad things we go through make the people that we are so if you take away something that made you learn a lesson, build character and integrity it changes who you are and how you look at the world and how you will deal with life and the things that happen.

That being said....i wouldn't change the things i've been through as they have made me who i am and are a part of the story that i have and the things that i've been through maybe can prepare me for thing in the future and can help me be there for someone else that might go through the same thing or something similar.

But if i did have a pensieve... there aren't many memories i'd put in because i don't want to alter who i am so much...but here are a few that i would put in, i'm not going to spell it out as that would be sad and depressing cause why would you want change good things? you wouldn't no but you would want to take away some bad things.
And even if the memory isn't all bad you may just want to take it out becasue it makes you sad now....
it reminds me of the movie inside out at the end when Riley gets more complex emotions and memories there are memories that are filled with more than one emotions it can have fear and sadness and happiness its all mixed together....
There are a few memories on my list that aren't necessarily bad memories but they are complex complicated memories because of people and time and change and life.
It's sad and happy, it's bitter sweet.
Some are just bitter and others.... idk.

i'm going to name the memory

1. Sitting crying on a brick wall at the end.
It's filled with sadness because of the situation that made me cry...and it's sad because the person that came and comforted me isn't alive not and it's just a memory that leaves a pit in my stomach and i'd put it in a pensieve...safely kept away somewhere.
It's not something i'd want to permanently erase but.... it's a difficult memory.

2. Facebook bully turned giving up on someone.
It's an empty feeling to reach a point where you've had enough with someone,someone who you've known your whole life because they are one of your siblings.
Someone no matter how many times they've hurt you or done things they shouldn't you didn't ever give up and close your door to them and then realizing you have to and then you do.
I'd lay that memory up so fast....cause it bothers me always.

3. Iris in Airport
A moment i should have jumped fully in instead of getting half way and panicing i could have showed you music an songs and how i think and who i am and i got nervous and lost my voice and was to scared of sounding stupid.
A moment when a song played and i could have said how i felt about a person and didn't
A memory i haven't shared with anyone.
It's truth that you regret more the things that you don't do and say than the things that you do, do and say.
i cannot hear those lyrics, that song without thinking of this person.

That's all my pensieve memories i can think of right now...and even though this isn't a pensieve i do feel better for writing down what i'm thinking and feeling....it helps to not bottle it up...even the random melancholy things and nights like this when you hear a song and it sends you down memory lane and your lost to the memories.
You come up feeling melancholy but also... you learn.
Learn to speak and to say what you want so badly to hold back.