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2017-07-23 16:28:28 (UTC)

Finding a child dead

A friend got in touch with me this morning saying that her daughter OD'd on herion in June and she found her dead, but revived her.
Hearing things like this makes me realize that I have dodged a major bullet in my lifetime to not having family members who are addicted and die like this or in this case, come very close. The girl is in trouble and has lost custody of her child to her mother. I can only imagine the horror associated with this situation and have no advice to help having not been through it.

Now, my first husband died like this, but from something else. I was not living with him when he died. I was just a kid back then and coming from a family with a sheltered background, I had no clue about these things. And even when he died, I read the information on his death certificate, but did not know what any of it meant. I am just glad I was gone by then.

She said she has a social worker to help. I hope she asks for it too. She sounds very upset. I reminded her that her concern is with that child now and protecting them from this type of drama. Sad to know that anyone I know is going through this.