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2017-07-23 15:47:20 (UTC)

Argument with my mother

Good afternoon!

Another day in my little world... It was a nightmare this morning because my mother and I had an argument and it didn't end up well... But being honest I am not in the mood of writing about it. Time is the best solution. If I give sometime for my mother to reflect about what she said to me and so on I guess I feel better and I will forget the whole incident caused by her. It has been like that for sometime. I am used to her ways...

We had lunch at my parents' house but being honest I preferred to be in my own space. My parents are not very easy people. They have their ways and I must be careful because I am alone and I need their help to get around.

I told my husband what happened this morning. He was not very happy about the whole thing but we cannot change the way things are at the moment. My mother suffocates me. She doesn't allow me to be independent. If I am still driving it is because of my father. Anyway, I am fed up about this closeness between me and my mother. But as I said better to let it go... for my own sake.

It is a beautiful day here where I live. It is sunny and it is not so cold like yesterday. I have the windows open and the air from outside is getting into the house. I like it... when the weather is nice like today. It gives hope for a better future. I always think about my husband and when we will be together again. By the way, I have chatted with him today. I like to keep in touch as he is my husband.

My daughter is folding the clothes for me. I like to give her little tasks to do so she knows she has to start helping at home as well. But of course, I do most of the things while she sleeps late in the morning.

I am washing one load of clothes and I intend to do another one as soon as this finishes. I guess it is going to be another long afternoon. But I am trying to get myself busy.

I guess that is it for now. I hope to have better news... but I keep going. I am in a good mood although things are pretty much the same.

Well, I wish good energy to everyone around the world.