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2017-07-22 20:56:00 (UTC)

Common Denominator

We may all have one and I feel like I do. Someone in our lives that are associated someway to other people in your life who you seem to have issues with or they you. My CD has siblings who one works with my son's dad who for no reason that we are aware of has stopped having anything to do with my son. Stopped calling, no cards, not returning cards, no contact at all. Could it be my CD running their mouth to her brother who works with my ex causing her opinions and words to turn into something ugly that no one here would have ever taken it too? My daughter has a half sister because they share the same dad. Even though the dad died years ago, that half sister has never wanted to talk too or have anything to do with my daughter. This half sisters aunt once was married to my CD's brother. Why in the world would she not want a relationship with her own sister ever? And CD's son has a friend who is also close to the CD who is a relative of my husbands ex wife...and his daughter's suddenly years ago with no reason that we are aware of stopped wanting anything to do with they hate him and us.

All those situations with people in our lives are the same. They want nothing to do with us. We are like some sort of decease....and what ever happened or whatever it is they believe is so bad that they are ok with throwing away relationships with their dad, son and half sister. DAMN!

I decided awhile back to have nothing to do with my common denominator. She does not bring anything to the table put drama and grief. I can not handle her ridiculous conversations and the questions she asked. Nothing going on here is any of her business anyway. So, take a hint and stay the hell away. She finally made an attempt to get in touch with me a few weeks ago and then again today...I am not returning calls and have no intentions of seeing her. She has other friends she can see or hang out with. I am busy with my family and life. Yeah,
some of us have a life even common denominators like she is. I figure she ran out of current information and wants to ask questions.

I do not answer questions anymore.
How are you?
How are the kids?

And that ant' really saying much......
get involved with anymore people in my life and cause issues and I will kick your fat ass
all over down town right in the middle of the street....I will go to fucking jail if need be...
but your good for nothing fat busy body ass will take the hint....