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2017-07-22 20:32:37 (UTC)

Pizza time

Good afternoon people!

As I told you yesterday, we had lunch at my parents' house. It was delicious and I over ate. The morning passed slowly and and the afternoon ha ha ha don't tell you... even more slowly.

I haven't done much today. I washed one load of clothes and my daughter hanged them in the airer for me. Also, I need to vacuum the house on Monday and change the sheets in the beds... I don't know why but I find this task annoying more than just making the beds. So, I always delay it. But it is not good... I should change the sheets every week but I don't.

My mood today is good but once again I am feeling bored with my life. It is too isolated here where I live. There are so many things I need to solve before moving on with my life... I just don't know how and when but I need it.

Today I haven't thought too much about my future and I am living day by day. My father told me that today...
So, tomorrow will be another day in family...

I have spoken to my husband and he is doing all right. I kind of stay in contact with him during the day... We miss him but there is not anything I can do for us to be together at this stage. We have to wait my daughter to finish school.

Well, tonight we are going to have pizza at my parents' house again. So, it will be nice to stay there for a while.

Nothing else to report at this right moment... Good energy to all of us.