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2017-07-22 15:50:14 (UTC)

Saturday fine tuning

I was up early this morning hoping to get the pain walked off so I could begin my day. Still have clothes piled up in two baskets that were from a shelf in closet that I removed to make access to back of plumbing area. So, this morning I started on going through them to sort. I ended up keeping very little. Only pulled out a couple things for my consignment pile and the remaining items went into a bag to be donated. Mostly very good things. I pulled my broncos t shirt and one that has my granddaughters name on it to launder and set aside. But having that much done this morning while my son is still in bed...and my husband is already napping front of his tv feels good. Now, I have a rack that I have those square baskets on that I put socks, bras and underwear and I need to go through them too before putting it back in closet. Right now, I am taking a break.

Last night he was in my bathroom admiring that new shower and we both realized that this shade of white really shows the dingy on my walls. He said he wants to get a can of paint to paint the walls when he removes the toilet. The new toilet is in the box so he actually has it. He said he would paint the wall, cut out where he sheet rocked over the window so my window will finally be visible and put the new toilet in and a new blind for the window and then he says he is going to start on my bedroom where he is building two additional closets, one on each side of a window where he will be building a window seat. I will have a place to store my guitars, amp, camera stuff and sewing machine...and another closet for winter coats, shoes and purses....and finally a place to store pillows/blankets that I can sit on to put on my shoes. After all that is
complete he will start on the walls in the bedroom too and begin floors. He claims he can get all this complete before he goes to work.

You know what I think? He thinks I am very sick and getting ready to die or something. He has been saying he was going to do this crap for many years. I have had to threaten to leave him many times. Now, since I told him hell no, I do not want anyone coming here to see us for lunch, dinner cookout or anything because although he is okay with living in a dump, I am not. No matter what his reasons...I am delighted to see some results. That new shower looks so good and it is showing him the wear and tear of everything else. It is time to update which is not a bad idea to do once and awhile.

Once all this crap is done, if we decide to sell and move somewhere smaller, we will have a better chance of getting a good price...
especially after the new windows and sliding....whoa....

My son told us yesterday that another company is trying to recruit him to work for them. And they offered him 30 dollars an paid benefits including a 401k. Holy shit. This happened recently with another company who offered him more money, but he ended up staying where he is because the boss really likes him. But this is much more money. He may have to travel and that is something that he does not like too much. So, he is once again having to think about all that. If he took that job, he would make more money than his dad. My husband makes a little more but he does not work all the time. I am very proud of him...

just wish he had a girlfriend that was worth a crap. I think I will start encouraging him to go to church. Maybe he would meet a good one there? He says he has seen so many of his friends get hurt and put in horrible situations because of relationships...and having to go in and out of court....child support etc. He says he does not have the time nor money for all that. Plus he says it is shocking that so many girls are on drugs and will do just about anything to get it. Not his thing. I know one thing, he would be a catch for someone who wanted a future, with a good man and kids. who knows? I just hope I live long enough to see this happen.

If my daughter and granddaughters continue to treat me like I have a decease...maybe there is hope if he meets someone and I have a daughter in never know.

Most of our appointments are over....just got the GYN next week....then he goes to get a shot in his eye the next week....
so, hoping this shot in my knee begins to work soon. I have been sending out letters to for sale by owners when I see them.
And I told the boss I was going to send out some post cards.....but that will be next week.

I am exhausted is not even noon and I am exhausted.