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2017-07-21 22:32:23 (UTC)

Good evening people!

Good evening!

We just returned from the mall. My mother had to pick up and pay a few things there... My aunt came with us. I quite enjoyed our time there. I bought a hoodie for my daughter but it didn't fit her. My mother bought another one different colour but it didn't fit her as well. So, we will have to return them to the store.

As always we had our coffee at the cafeteria but honestly I didn't enjoy this time. I prefer when I bake my cakes. They are simple and taste much less sugary then what I ate today. However, It was good to be surrounded by people. So, even the cake and the coffee were not so delicious I was glad to be out of the house.

One thing I have noticed is the fact I get tired easily. So, it seemed a long journey back home even though I was not driving. I guess I would like to go to another or a different place but for now beggars cannot be choosers. I have to accept the limits that my financial situation impose.

The weather has been really attractive... Sunny, a little bit cold and not windy. Perfect for a visit in a park and we went to the mall... ha ha ha

By the way, I have spoken to my husband but today he seemed to be busy with the documents of the house. I mean, his sister is moving and he is helping with the the process of selling the house and so on. For me, he seemed to be in another planet. But as he lives with her then he must help her as well. I really don't mind.

Sometimes, I dream about having a romantic husband... One that sends me cards or any kind of small gifts. I know that he helps me financially but I would like to be surprised once in a while. Never mind. I don't surprise him at all but it is because I don't have a lot of money to send presents to England from Brazil, anyway.

Well, I don't have anything else to report at the moment.... But just for registering here, I would like to say I am not anxious today and I am very positive about life. I hope that doesn't change so soon...

I still have one week left of my holidays... Even though, I am a housewife at the moment... (I always like to think like that) I like to have a little bit of freedom like to get up a lit bit late as I am not having to take my daughter to school. So, I am cooking a little bit later and I am enjoying more the fact I can choose my time to go to bed... So, I feel my routine is not so restricted to certain hours of the day.

Tomorrow I will have lunch at my parents house as I usually do. So, I won't have to cook... that is a wonderful thing.

So, good night and good energy to all of us!