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2017-07-20 21:55:07 (UTC)

Knee shots lost keys and cold beer

What a day I had yesterday. One, I was late for the appointment. Thanks to Charlotte NC traffic. I was 15 minutes late. So, I went on in anyway to make another appointment see if they could still work me in. I never expect special treatment. They said they could give me an appointment that was in one hour. So, I agreed to hang out there and take that one. I was going to have to see another doctor because although I was only 15 minute late, my doctor had already went home. So, I sat there for over an hour actually. It was almost an hour and a half. I looked at the time and made a decision that if they did not call my name with in 5 minutes, I was going to tell them to make me another appointment and I was leaving. I use pee pads people. I can not sit somewhere like that that long. It just is not working for me. But right at the nine minute mark, they called my name. So, I went on back. But you know once you get n the examination room, you waiting begins again and this time was no different. When he finally comes in he explains that the MRI did not show them that it was something that should result in knee replacement at this time. No torn ligaments. So, he wanted to give me a cortisone shot in it and I was ok with that. He was awesome...starting asking me where I lived and talking about the area and mentioned riding his bike early in the morning near here and wish he could find a good place to eat breakfast. I told him about a place we go too and before I knew it, the shot was over. I was told to call the other doctor if I start having problems with it. I agreed to do so and left.

One my way home, I rode by the bank thinking this would be a good day for the Mexican place. I go there alone since no one here likes it. But I wanted to ride by the post office first which is near the Mexican place. I checked my mail and got a notice to pay my box rental. So, I went back to my car, took the rental notice and my wallet back inside the post office to pay it. When I got back to my locked car, I did not have my damn keys. I could see them in my car...with my phone and purse. My stomach dropped to the ground. What in the hell am I going to do? He was not home at the moment, I knew that. So, I walked back inside, and although I once worked for the postal service, this man that works there never smiles. He is a grumpy old man and I did not even want to ask him if I could use the phone. So, I walked back outside and this large black man was walking from his car. I saw he had his phone in his had and asked him to please let me call my husband to bring my keys from home...he was sweet enough to let me. I made the call and left a message here at the house hoping he listens to it when he returns. I then walked to my car again and a real nice black woman was wiping her car down and moving things around from back seat to her trunk. I told her my situation and she started her car so I could sit in the air conditioned car while she finished doing what she was doing and she took me to the Mexican place. Save me. I was so feeling so blessed. I gave her one of my cards. She said her husband works for US AIr and they are currently living with her sister since relocating here. They will be looking for a house soon and promised to call me. I asked her if she wanted to have lunch with me but she was on her way to pick up her sister. But said she would call me soon.

I walked in and felt safe there. I explained to the girl who I have been waited on before many times what had happened. And she sat me. I guess the good thing is I had my wallet. No phone though. They also let me call my husband while there. I ate my lunch and had a couple beers. I paid my ticket and wondered what if he did not get my message? What if something happened to him? Who else could I call? I do not know anyone else's phone number. HOLY SHIT. Say that out loud. I do not know anyones phone number cause I do not have my cell phone and I call them from my contact list. Wow. I know my daughters number...but she was at work two counties away. MY son was working a long way from where I was. I walked outside to sit in the fresh air after paying for my lunch. I was beginning to feel hopeless. I was worried that he would not get the message. I do not even know of a cab service. Even if I had my phone, I would not use UBER. What the hell was I going to do? I finally saw a taste of how it might feel to be homeless with no one. With the pain I felt in my body I could not imagine what people do who have no way to get around and no one to ask for help. I was about two seconds from busting out in tears when I saw his truck pulling across the parking lot never felt so relieved. He had my other set of keys.

I was exhausted and he said was going to run an errand before going home. I stopped at the convenient store to pick up something to drink. ON my way to the counter I heard one of the ladies in there who appeared to be getting ready to leave...say that she was going to have to walk home cause "he" was not even picking up the phone. I told them that I was just locked out of my car and spent two hours feeling hopeless and had no phone or no one to help me....and she had a ride home as long as I was there....and I did not care where she lived....I pointed at my car and said I will be more than happy to give you a ride. She I made another friend.

I met the new doctor.....the man with the phone...the lady with the ride....the waitress.....and now a woman in need of a ride just like I needed earlier. I was exhausted when I finally got home.

today...we got things ready for BATH FITTERS In the morning......and we are all excited.

OJ SIMPSON ruined day time tv today....and thanks to that....we got a lot done.

I did almost have a wreck on my way downtown today.....had to slam on breaks and my car jackknifed a little before I straightened up. ... a drunk in a red truck almost ran into me.....I took defensive driving years ago which I have to be thankful for when shit like this happens...
most people would have panicked and died today. I just pulled a muscle in my knee is not as bad...but I bet tomorrow
my back is going to be very painful.....

But I am alive....and feeling extremely blessed and thankful.