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2017-07-19 20:31:38 (UTC)

Step into something good

Mood: AHHH
Song: A YouTube video (Pointless blog)
Color: Yellow

Some times the hardest thing you'll ever do is take a step into something that could be good, something that could change your life.

It's sending that message after staring at the screen for a long time.
It's picking up that phone call you've been avoiding.
It's taking a deep breath and walking through the doors after sitting in your car having that anxiety attack.
It's Making that change, letting go of that addiction that's been holding you captive weather it be something legal or not.
It's Leaving behind toxic people, Not being a jerk, pray for them send them love and light when you think of them but then moving on.
It's being honest about how you feel and what you think even if it's different from the opinion of those around you.
It's It's telling that person that you think they are amazing and that you admire and resprct them.
It's being Brave enough to step out into any room off people in any situation and having the confidence to be exactly who you are.
It's facing your fears of change, and new things and the unknown.
It's saying Yes if at all possible you can to anything because your alive to experience and see and do so go and see and experience and do.

"So sink or swim i'm diving in"