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2017-07-19 18:46:10 (UTC)

Waiting for my aunt

Good afternoon!

I am much better this afternoon. My anxiety has gone because I have been out of the house. Even though, we just went to the supermarket I felt good to be out of the house and see people around me. As always we had our breakfast at the cafeteria in the supermarket. I really enjoyed it.

We met my aunt there and my mother had a chat with her. I don't mind to spend sometime there shopping and having breakfast but honestly I didn't want to wait for my aunt. Actually, she is my daughter's godmother but she never phone us or is interested in knowing how we are. Since my grandmother died she has been in her world. They just met there at the cafeteria because my grandmother didn't leave a will. But I was fine about waiting for them.

I have noticed that by staying too much in the house I get anxious about future and regret past things. But after analyzing a bit more I came to the conclusion that it is not easy to be right all the time. I have done my best in providing things as I could.

Well, hope to sleep better as last night I got up at 2 a.m. and didn't sleep anymore...

Good energy to all of us!