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2017-07-19 05:08:50 (UTC)


Mood: Tired, my ears hurt....
Song: little do you know by Alex and sierra
Color: Green

A quote i just read a little bit ago:
"You write so beautifully, your mind must be a terrible place"

I know that writers write most of the time to escape, or to lay out the truth of their own life experiences both the good and the bad.
I don't think my mind is a terrible place(not that i'm saying that i write beautifully) but i do consider myself a wanna be writer.
I think i like most people have been through a lot.
I've been hurt and abused, i've been lied to and betrayed i've loved and lost.
I've experienced grief and i think that i'm pretty honest about that in my writing i might say something here that i wouldn't say anywhere else because it's still me, still saying it, but it's not spoken out loud it's written word...and sometimes that's easier to deal with than the power of a spoken out loud word...
both ways written word and spoken word hold power...not more or less just different.
sometimes one feels safer than the other...depends on my mood, and the subject in which i'm speaking of.

You know that thing where some people are easier to talk to face to face rather than on the phone cause it's awkward?
And some people are just the opposite they can speak to you just fine on the phone but in person it's stilted and awkward.
I wonder why that is? when you can talk just fine one way or the other yet it's awkward the other way....i don't get it, but i have experienced it and have been the reason for it sometimes.....
I have 6 awkward bones in my body when most humans only have one lol.

I was thinking earlier about belonging... as i do a lot it seems and i've said that i don't belong here, and before here there, and before there somewhere else and before somewhere else....i wasn't alive and so i belonged in a thought that only God knew of.
But honestly?
I wanted to make a list of all the things that i belong to....in a world that i feel like an outsider in, in a town i feel like an outsider in, sometimes i think we just need to remember that we aren't alone and that there are always kindred spirits in our family, our friends, in the world and in the people that we have yet to meet but someday will.
So is my list...i bet you belong to some of these as well, then we might be kindred spirits connected and so that you when you are feeling your lowest and all alone, will remember these words and know that you aren't the only one who's feeling what you are and that you don't have to go it alone.

I Belong the night owls who spend the nights thinking and searching and creating and talking and connecting and feeling the peacefulness of the night.
I Belong to the Dreamers who are idealistic in nature.
I Belong to to the group of people who born on hot summer nights.
I Belong to those who listen more than they speak.
I Belong to the group of people that have scars that aren't visible to the eye and a few that are.
I Belong to those who start a book a 2 am and stay up all night till it's finished without the intention to.
I Belong To Jesus Christ.
I Belong To my family who aren't blood but are more than that.
I Belong To the people who mean something to me no matter the distance away they are or the amount of time that has passed.
I Belong to the Class of 2012.
I Belong to the 6% of the Population with Red hair.
I belong to the 1% of the Population that is INFJ
I belong to to the people that are Twins
I belong to the group of people that are Twinless twins.
I belong to the group of people that has had a sibling die.
I belong to the group of people that have had a person they love murdered.
I belong to the group of people that get to say they are Adopted.
I belong to the group of people that never give up hope.
I belong to the group of people that practice fluent sarcasm.
I Belong to the group of people who grew up in small towns.
I Belong to the people that have traveled to other countries and experienced different cultures.
I Belong to those who love Photography
I Belong to the coffee drinkers...
I Belong to those who would die for their country, their family, Their Faith.
I Belong to the Generation X or the Echo boomers (the children of the baby Boomers)
I Belong to the group of people who have pen pals and actually do still write letters.
I Belong to the People who love to laugh till they cry.
I Belong to the group of people that aren't afraid to be silly.
I belong to the ones who want to do something good in the world.
I Belong to the group of people who's souls need Poetry.
I Belong to the people that don't ever truly get bored.
I Belong to the group of people that Love YouTubers (specifically Dan and Phil)
I Belong to those that Look up song lyrics.
I Belong to the group of people that see visions and dream dreams
I Belong to the people that Pray.
I Belong to myself, my own heart and spirit my own hopes and fears.
I Belong here writing these words.

On to another random topic... i know i've skipped around a lot of different things here in this entry and in my last few if i'm honest but hey that's my mind...ha it's not a terrible place as mentioned above but as i said to my friend earlier today it's like organized chaos... it doesn't make sense to anyone else but i know the thought process and how all these things connect together and how i connect the dots from one to the next... it's like your own house or your own room even when it's messy..... you know where everything is, there is method to the madness.
Organized Chaos indeed.

But anyway... i re watched the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (i've always like them) but i re watched them all recently like one a night and fell in love with the stories again and no i haven't seen the new one yet but i really really want to and plan to ASAP.
So NO spoilers.
But while i am on the subject i noticed while re-watching that it has some really good quotes so i'm going to list some of the good one's some of them that i like and i can't even begin to list all the good one's so bare with me lo.

"A dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest"

"The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude with the problem"

"This is either madness or brilliant!, it's remarkable how often those two traits coincide"

"Not all treasure is silver and gold mate"

"If you choose to lock your heart away you'll lose it for certain"

"You've stolen me, and i'm here to take myself back"

"Better not to know which moment may be you last. Every morsel of your entire being alive to the infinite mystery of it all"

"Now Bring Me That Horizon"