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2017-07-18 19:28:12 (UTC)

Good day at home

Hi there!

It is a beautiful sunny day here where I live. I am so glad it is sunny although it is cold... I had quite a good day so far. I have been busy with the housework all day long. The cleaner came yesterday but as always I still have things to do like doing the laundry, cooking, tidying up the beds and washing the dishes, etc...

Living the the days as they came has made me feel less anxious and more relaxed, as at the moment, I cannot change my destiny. During the past few days I felt a bit tired and had a strong headache. These are one of the reasons why I didn't write before. However, the internet connection failed and the technician had come to our house to check it. So, that is why I was absent.

Things are more or less the same. My routine is pretty boring but today I am in a good mood despite my boring life. I guess having internet again has made my day...

I have spoken to my husband and he is all right. He is on a holiday as well. My daughter is enjoying her holidays. So am I!

Well, tomorrow we are going to be out of the house and my daughter is coming with me.

That is it for now... Good energy to all of us!