2017-07-18 00:13:01 (UTC)

One eyed one horned flying purple people eater

Remember that song? I used to hear it when I was little on the radio. I'm a Generation Xer, so maybe some of you won't remember it.

Today, after a woman in a purple print dress lied and talked shit about me at the Carpenter branch library to a park ranger, he now is not nice to me anymore and won't help. A security guard at Schnucks on S. Grand yelled bitch at me when I left, after being told to be nice by his co-worker and his boss was inside and apologized for his behavior. He told me I couldn't bring my soda inside the store. He made me leave it outside, next to him! He was also lying about my son and myself when I was around the corner from the front door at the little picnic table. He was telling someone else and then laughing about his dangerous slander. I told his boss not to do anything because when I went out or next time there would be repercussions and he would be worse. He said he wouldn't be. He was wrong unfortunately. Gah. Some woman pretending to be my friend keeps pumping me for info. GAH. Some of these people flock to me or are everywhere and I'm sick of them asking questions and thinking they're so famous for their episodes, while pretending to be a friend!!! I keep falling for it and I can't avoid these people!
Plus there are the crazy ass motherfuckers everywhere! I am sick of people conning, hustling and using me everywhere I turn almost!
Tonight would be a good night to die. They can murder me. I won't get home anyway. No bus fare. Dying. Weak. Won't make it. Going to get dark soon. Stuck. Fuck me gently with a chainsaw! (Heathers movie quote)
Yay! A nice guy gave me a cigarette.

I seriously don't understand. Most purple people are cool with me and nice. Then some are just lying destructos or something and talk to someone and then immediately, they are mean to me and it SUCKS! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Merde. Gah. Fermez ma bouche!