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2017-07-17 23:47:16 (UTC)

Cracks times two

Today two different professionals told me something was cracked. The first was a jeweler who said my 2.5ct engagement ring could break at any moment, but to just wear the big, beautiful ring and have fun with it. That is the same thing my parents, who gave it to me, that's what they said too. But cmon now I have anxiety on my hands. It could break, and it is so pretty now. I hold my keys in my left hand, open doors, it's constantly getting banged. So now My abnormally beautiful engagement ring is also secretly defective and a liability.

The second professional to tell me I have a crack was my dentist. I have a cavity growing under a cavity they already filled. It's like they are one of those companies who designs things to break after a certain amount of time, and now my old filling has Worn out. Time for a new filling. I hate the dentist and this visit will hang over my head for my weeklong beach getaway. (It was originally my honeymoon. It's still kind of my honeymoon, but probably a year early as the wedding was delayed).

My love of writing is greater than my skill level at it. It just feels good when I write, but I am trying to improve. I only like to read books if they are funny or this one book on family therapy. I do not read a lot and have guilt that people would want to read my writing. However, I subscribe to about ten journals on this site now and enjoy reading those.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great evening.