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2017-07-17 23:31:28 (UTC)

Mammagrams and Maxi Dresses

I purposely schedule my appointments for after lunch hours. Today, I left here to pick up contacts, then head on up the road
a little farther to get a mammogram. I had ordered some things from Kohl's and they sent me pair of crop pants that I did
not order and did not send me a maxi dress that I wanted real bad. So, there is store near where I was today, so I took the pants
back and got that straight. Looked around in there at maxi dresses and found two. One is so nice. A little tight, but I know I
will be able to wear it if I lose some weight or after I able to walk some. It is a Chap's sundress with seashells on it in cream, light
blue and dark blue. OH man, when I checked out the lady asked me where did I find it, I pointed at the area and she took a break
after checking me out so she could go try to find one I told her it was a little small, but I intend to shed some pounds and that
dress will be a nice reward. Picked up some bras too. All on sale. She gave me 20% off and I had a 15% off coupon. So,
I was happy leaving there.

I was goin to stop at the pub to get some food to take home so we would not have to cook. When I left home, he was on the
mower and I knew he would be tired. I had been on my feet a good bit so, I did not want to stand in the kitchen cooking
dinner. But by the time I rode past there and saw all the cars, and just having saw my fat ass arms shining in mirrors all
over the store...I kept on driving.

When I got home he was not even here, but the yard looked great. I figured of course he had gone to the store He and I
just went together a couple days ago. No way we needed anything. But he finally returned saying he just went to get more
gas in our can we use for the mower. So, we threw together stuff to prepare hotdogs. He had already made the slaw.
I made the chili and put to wieners in water to heat up.

Busy week. I go tomorrow to talk to surgeon about my knee. I expect nothing from him. He will probably want to do
nothing. Maybe continue the shots. Who knows. Then I will try to remember to send a package to my granddaughter
who is in San Diego for three weeks. I will send her some cash and do it again next week. Both my son and husband
are chipping in so I can send her money while she is there. Her mother was talking so fast and kept breaking up
during the call I got telling me about it. I had not heard from her in months. Only when someone needs something.

Most people, who are sane would say to her, well, I have not heard from the granddaughter all year. Saw her for our
Christmas Dinner in 2016 after I had bought her a car a month before. No calls, nothing all year. Now, she needs me
to send her money on a trip that I have heard nothing about until after she is on a plane flying across the country?

No one ever gets used to this shit.

But soon. I will.