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2017-07-16 19:09:31 (UTC)

Children and Babies

Mood: tired, stressed Tired
Song: none
Color: Dark Green

Do you think Babies and young children can tell if someone holding them isn't a mother? not that you aren't their mother but just like they can feel your energy and tell weather your a mother or not?
I'm good with babies, okay with kids, i've done A LOT of baby setting and such...and it's my experience that even though i am good with kids and babies... they always seem to relax better with a mother.
First and best with their own of course but even with someone else that happens to be a mother they just seem to know the maternal what ever and listen better and curl up and just relax in the presents of a mother.
Anyone else see this and experience this?
Idk it's random

I got to thinking about it cause i got to hold my cousins baby Alexander through most of church he wasn't fussy or anything i just got to thinking about what he might think or feel being help by me who is not a mother because i know that most of the people that do hold him are mothers, his own mother of course and then his grandmother, My mother my cousins friends that are mothers ect.
i wondered if it felt different to him.
haha not that i can ask or that he'd remember lol.

When i wasn't holding Alexander i was helping Rachel wrangle Ali who was acting like a total brat.
and when i wasn't doing that i was taking pictures for my mom.
its been a long day already and it's only 2 o clock.

Business meeting is tonight and things are going to go down and i'm hoping my fear doesn't clobber my faith.
Right now i'm feeling okay...mostly just wanting a nap.
taking care of babies and children is tiring.
I can't imagine being in Rachel's shoes right now she's only a few years older than me and has four kids under the age of 10.

I wouldn't mind having a baby some time in the next few years...if that's what God has in store (some how i think not)
But not four and not four under 10.
to each their own, Rachel is happy with her kids and her family. i'm happy for her and if i ever get baby fever i can go hold Alexander or any number of my friends children as many of them are having them lol.

Here's what i'm thankful for today:
1. Friends i can call to talk.
2. Prayer as it does change things
3. Naps
4. Faith in God that gets me through the hard things in life.
5. Forgiveness...that i can forgive and can be forgiven.
6. Coffee.
7. Music...with out which i'd go insane
8. Dark Chocolate and also Water melon.
9. Long conversations with friends.
10. Imagination and hypothetical Children
11. Dreams.
12. Air conditioning.
13. Mail/ letters.
14. Black nail polish
15. New days.
16. My family.
17. Lessons learned
18. writing as it keeps me sane
19. Makeup (not that we have to have it, but it's nice for dramatic effect)
20. Poetry cause it's good for the soul....