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2017-07-15 04:23:13 (UTC)


Mood: Motivated
Song: The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
Color: Yellow

These are some interesting psychological facts that i found interesting that i can relate to or understand in my own life experiences.

1. The type of music you listen to effects the way you perceive the world.
As a rule i didn't as a kid and don't still listen to a lot of music with a lot of cursing or sexual references and stuff like that, it's not that there aren't a songs i know and like that don't have some things in them that aren't the best...but as a rule most of what i listen to is pretty... wholesome... like majority of it my kid siblings could hear and my parents wouldn't freak out and they are very strict about this sort of thing and always have been.
I think that it has definitely effected how i perceive the world and my out look on life and how music can strongly effect me.
i look at the words and the messages in songs...and i don't just... let randomness play and sing along or what ever... i want to know what it says and how it effects my mood and my heart.

2. Singing reduces feelings of depression and anxiety.
I don't sing often in front of people, i have to be very comfortable with you to sing something in front of you, i'm not the type to be the center of attention and i'm certainly not a soloist but i can say that i do love to sing, i sing alot, i was singing while driving home tonight, while walking up stairs, heck while writing this I'm listening to music and singing along... i'm alone and i'm comfortable to do so.
But i also do it at night when i can't sleep, i'll just start singing what ever song pops into my head.... heck i remember once i was with a friend and she couldn't sleep and i jokingly started singing to her but then i kept singing (probably mostly badly) to her seriously until she fell asleep, i wonder if she remembers? when she sees this she should tell me if she remembers lol. it was a long time ago.
but it definitely reduces stress...i think it's because God created us with a song in our hearts to help us when we are stressed or depressed.
he knew we would need music.

Okay time for rapid fire interesting psychological facts that i didn't know existed!

3. Your decisions are more rational when thought in another language.

4. The longer you hide your feelings for someone the harder you fall for that person.

5. When you try to remember a past even your actually remembering the last time you remembered it instead of the actual event.
(this terrified me but also makes sense with how memories fade in time)

6. The average high school student today shows the same level of anxiety as the average psychiatric patient in the 1950s
(My generation and the millennials after us are absolutely screwed.... -_- )

7. Tears of pain always start from the right eye and tears of pain always start from the left eye.

8. People who understand sarcasm well are often good at reading peoples minds.
(ha ME!)

9. People fascinated by serial killers are better conversationalists
(All that time spend researching Hitler and Jack the ripper...made me better at holding conversations...great. lol)

10. Being able to instantly respond with sarcasm to a silly question is the sign of a healthy mind.
(my mind must be very healthy then....)

Food for thought.