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2017-07-14 17:59:58 (UTC)

Nothing changed with the call

I finally received a call from my daughter. She was breaking up some and I could barely hear her. She was going on about how her two
closings that I was under the impression were to be held today had been instead delayed until next week. Then she started saying something
about my granddaughter being in San Diego? Only being 17, that was concerning. I told her to speak up and she walked out side so I could hear
her better. Her husband had changed jobs so she said something about that. We were finally able to have a conversation after I realized she was not calling to ask for help. She needed to know something about a form. And said that she would send me my granddaughter's address if I wanted to send her a postcard. Hmmmm? Should she send me a post card instead? That was confusing. I did explain to her that I was unable to walk but a few steps and will be talking to surgeon next week. She ended the call by saying let her know if I needed anything? I won't be calling anyone for anything. I have not heard from her in a month. I do know that she was told already that it "hurts me when I do not hear from her" for long periods of time. So, it is not like she does not know it. I protect myself by stepping back.

Glad she did not ask for money or anything. This would have been one time for real that I do not have it.

The new toilet is awesome. I will be getting my new shower next Friday. Then the new toilet afterwards.

Things are happening but still slowly.

Knee is not hurting as bad today.....