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2017-07-13 22:35:25 (UTC)

MRI and New Toliets

I barely got any sleep last night. I was thinking I could come home from the MRI and take a nap. Not so this time.
When I returned home, he had taken out the old toilet across from my room and was working on installing a new one.
I suggested we call the plumber. But he was not having it. So, I had to set up shop in the kitchen at that computer
and tv. No nap. It took him until 6 to finish. But at the end, it is perfect. It will be great for both my son and him.
Both of them are tall and bigger guys. So, now that I have sat on it. He says he will get one for my bathroom after they
get that new shower installed. I will be waiting on that.

The MRI was in one of those mobile units at the back of the building. It took a while. Probably about 20 minutes.
At the end they asked if I wanted to walk through the building or just walk up the sidewalk to the parking lot.
I choose the sidewalk. Which was to the side parking lot....then I had to walk up the side of the building to the
front where I had parked. By the time I got knee was throbbing.

Thanks for nothing.
I do not announce these things on social media. I am sick of stupid people and those who want to bring God
and Jesus into everything and post comments that make no sense and it appears they are talking in tongues.
I had to delete another comment today.....that same woman who I am positive has sucked enough money up
her nose to buy a new car and home...and now has nothing. No home. No ride. But she will bring Jesus into
everything. I have never seen her inside a church. Not sure why people get to a certain age and all of a sudden
they are experts on the bible, verses, and both God and Jesus. I am not a hypocrite. Not me. Do not have
time in my life for fake bible thumpers either. Please. Get a job.....and stop trying to make the rest of us
feel like it is our place to hand you our money. We are not doing that.

Feeling upset.