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2017-07-12 17:46:01 (UTC)

Grey day


It is grey and and mild... Not too cold for me. I quite enjoy when the weather is like that.

First thing, we did this morning at the supermarket was to have breakfast there. The coffee as always was delicious and very hot. Just as I like. The pastries were fine... the sweet thing I ate and I don't know the name was OK.... These little things make me happy.

I returned home and started folding the clothes.

This afternoon I wasn't hungry I guess that is because I had a late breakfast. Although, I wasn't hungry I had lunch...

Now I am back to to my routine. But I am not in a mood to do any housework. I am quite in a good mood today. I just love to get out of the house and be out and about.

Hopefully, I won't feel the day pass by.

Good energy to all of us!