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2017-07-12 14:30:07 (UTC)

Inflamation medication?

When I went to see the surgeon about my knee last week, he prescribed something for me to begin taking for inflammation.
Usually I just toss those things out as soon as I pass a trashcan as I simply do not like taking medication. Which sounds like a lie since I am still taking the hormone replacement stuff. Anyway, I have been taking this inflammation pill every day just like it suggest that I do....with food.

So, this morning when I got up and finally sat down with my coffee, I realized something. My feet and hands were not throbbing. My legs, shoulders, back, neck etc were not throbbing. I got up and walked. Although the knee still hurts, everything else has been helped greatly from this inflammation pill. I do not have it handy at the I can not reveal what it is. But I will do that soon. I usually read about this stuff and stop taking it. However, actually feeling results is promising.

Now, I had ordered some of the HEMP OIL from a girl who is younger than both of my kids. She has lost a lot of weight this year and had
claimed to be feeling so good. She looks good too. But a couple days ago, she had a mild stroke. I am wondering now if I should take that crap or not. Anyone got any ideas or experience with it? It has not come in yet. But when it does I will have more description to offer.

Last night I was thinking that if I continue to feel better so I can make some money....after all other things in our life are handled...
I could loose weight, reward myself with a neck lift and dentures. Looking that good would continue to piss off people who like
to hate on me because I look so much younger. I am 65 yrs old. Well, will be in Dec.

If this doc can fix my knee...I will loose the weight and there will be big changes in this life.

I actually feel like playing my guitar hands feel that good.

Now....back to life