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2017-07-11 19:58:11 (UTC)

Tuesday alterations

I tried to get him to help me with these maxi dresses I have that need to be hemmed. No, he would not do it. So, I used my fabric pencils to mark them myself. So, he had been gone for about an hour to go pick up a couple new toilets. I decided since I was showered and ready to go I would just ride to the drycleaners and drop them off. To my surprised the seamstress was not there and will not be until August. My marks on the dresses would not be good enough. So, I will have to go back. Took a ride on my way back. That flag at the country club was not flying proudly in the wind and I had my camera with me just in case. Not sure why that is cause all the other flags I passed today were. That damn flag they have must be nasty. Stuck together with bug guts and shameful for where it is. They need a new flag.

So, that will be the end of that. I will simply locate another model place to photograph. I think I will take some photos of other areas too so I will have photos ready if I decide to create post cards to mail out. I am in no condition to do much else at the moment.

My knees are aching.

When I returned home. He was not here. I did ride through Lowes parking lot while I was out. Did not see his truck and figured he would be here when I got home. But no. He probably went to home depot instead. The traffic is a nightmare there. So, he could be shot in the head from some road rage incident. His behavior while driving is simply criminal. I will NEVER ride with him again.

Already talked to my son who agreed to take the day off to get me home from knee surgery. I am taking no chances.

I remember once when I had been medicated for a deep cleaning of my teeth and was totally out of it. He pulled over on the side of the road to confront the man behind us who also got out of his vehicle. My husband started running that mouth at the man then realized it was someone he knew from worked and eased off. They worked it out. But you see people what I mean? One of these days he is going to bite off more than he meant too. People will shoot you in the head these days if they feel threatened. My husband would threaten anyone simply by his size. Not a good thing to be doing.

His vision is so messed up...if any car is behind us, he insist they are too close and instead of paying attention to where he is going, he instead starts tapping his brakes...and if he has to pull over so they can go around his crazy ass, he will gig them, cuss and raise hell as they pass which in itself is threatening. Some people will shoot at you for that. I do not want him driving my car anymore. You can not see who is driving and I do not need pissed off people giving me hell because he was hateful to them while driving my car.

We live in a dangerous world.

I hope he makes it home in one piece.