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2017-07-11 18:44:40 (UTC)

Part 2 interview with Chloe

Mood: Tired
Song: Say you won't let go by James Arthur
Color: Red

1. Card Games or Board Games?
Board Games.

2. Coat or Hoodie?

3. Pancake or Waffle

4. Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew
Dr. Pepper

5. Dog or Cat

6. Spring or fall?

7. YouTube or Netflix

8. Flats or heels?

9. Purple or pink?

10. Snow or rain

11. Would you rather always be 10 minutes late or 20 minutes early?
10 minutes late

12. Would you rather lose all your money or all the pictures you've ever taken?
All the pictures

13. would you rather use never use social media apps ever again or never watch tv/movies ever again?
Never use social media ever again.

14. Would you rather be the first person to explore a planet or be the person that invents a drug that cures a deadly deseas?
Explore a planet

15. Would you rather be invisible for one day or be able to fly for one day?

16. Would you rather find true love or a suit case filled with five million dollars?
Five million dollars you could buy your own husband.

17. Would you rather be able to teleport anywhere or read minds?
Teleport cause you can go where ever you want to.

18. Would you rather know when your going to die or how your going to die?
When your going to die so you can plan your life better.

19. Would you rather be transported 500 years into the future or into the past?
five hundred years in the future with crazy flying cars.

20. What do you think kids will ask you about when you are old?
if there were flying cars when you were a kid, why didn't you wear light up shirts??
Did you live in caves??
how did you survive without shampoo that makes your hair change colors
and candy that makes your mouth light up.
How old are you?

21. What animal would be the cutest if it was scaled down to the size of a cat?
A dragon as long as it doesn't breathe fire.

22. What weird food combinations do you really enjoy
Mac and cheese and cheetos
ketchup and eggs

23. What movie can you watch over and over without getting tired of it?
Little Mermaid

24. What food have you never eaten but would really like to try?
Dragon fruit.