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2017-07-11 02:52:03 (UTC)

Interview with the Amazing Chloe

Mood: Laughing at life
Song: Part of your world from Little Mermaid
Color: Green

This is an interview with my niece Chloe.

1. How old are you?
her: I'm 13
Me: no your not!
Her: I'm 25
Me: -_-
Her: I'm 11 for real *Whispers* 45

2. What's your top 3 favorite colors?
A. Pearl
B. Sea foam Green
*whispers* i read her mind....
C. Rose

3. Favorite Subject in School?
Ceramics class

4. Least favorite Subject in School?

5. Worst Subject?

6. What's your favorite Movie?
The little Mermaid

7. What's your Favorite Book?
Middle School the worst years of my life By James Patterson

8. What do you want to be when you grow up?
A Pound Person

9. What age should someone be to get married?

10. How Many Kids do you want to have?
2 both Boys

11. Have you had your first kiss?
Yes. i was 6 and his name is....Chase

12. What Grade are you going into?
I'm going into 6th

13. How do you feel about 6th Grade?
I hope my teachers aren't monsters.

14. Where in the world do you most want to travel to?
Russia because i want nesting dolls

15. Who is your celebrity Crush?
Collins Key

16. Describe your Mom, Dad and Siblings in one Word?
Mom: Crazy
Dad: Weird
Brother: ?
Sister: ? Haven't met her yet.

17. What does the world need to make it a better place in your opinion?
More Attraction to God and things that are actually important

18. What's your favorite Artist/Band?
Ride By ZZ Ward

19. What's the scariest thing you've ever seen?
The Hills have eyes and Anabel

20. What is your worst Fear?
Indisposed in front of boys

21. How Many Boy Friends have you had?
*Katie you better not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
Me: i just did.
Her: Glares at me and tries to say my full name but forgets my actual middle name so she uses hers instead.....

22. What's your favorite season?

23. Favorite Holiday?

24. What do you think of the President?
He looks like a skunk.... just kidding he looks like an eagle- a non majestic eagle

25. What Political party would you vote for?
( i agree with Chloe here)

26. What is your favorite animal?
A sting Ray

27. What has been your favorite place to live?
Washington State

28. Would you rather Sky dive or Busk for a day?

29 Would you ever get a tattoo? and if so of what?
A heart with a cross with a dog.

30. What's your favorite type of Dog?
Blue healer