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2017-07-10 22:00:38 (UTC)

Pain in 30 seconds

It was hard to wake up this morning. He was up before me and had coffee made. I sipped it to read the online local news. You usual drug dealers arrested and child molesters. When did this become the norm? Sad to read about all that crap. Then I checked the names in the obituaries to see if anyone rang a bell. Lucky for me today, I learned of no ones death.

Took a shower, got dressed. Wore a pair of those cheap pants I bought yesterday. I need to remember that clothes do come in more colors than grey black or white. That dark blue pair looked great with a top I wear sometimes. It was a prefect match. Looking sharper than I felt, I took a ride to the nail salon. The man proceeded with my manicure then lead me into the pedicure area where he had my chair ready with blue water bubbling fast inviting my feet into it. He helped me get settled in the chair and walked away saying enjoy the massage. That was a new chair and it was great. My back needed that. Then, his wife came to do the pedicure being all so gentle to my aching legs. I could barely walk.

At the grocery store to pick up salads and oranges grapefruits and bananas...I could barely walk. I would have got the cart you ride in, but it was being used by a bold grey haired lady bossing around the deli ladies directing them on how to cut her meat. I imagined some horrible things while passing by her leaning on my cart. I got to the back of the store and realized this was it for me. Probably the last time I will be able to come inside this store without help. I will have no choice but to ride in the electric chair or just stay home. Was not sure if I could get to the car. But I managed.

My handicap plague should be here this week. When I use it to park closer, they will have to come push the cart inside themselves. Why do
they insist on putting that cart garage device at the farthest point in the parking lot from handicap parking? Happens in every damn place!

He is doing yardwork today. Okay, he is cutting down the damn trees that are growing outside the den that have got so big and bushy we can not see out the windows. Bout time TOO.

I looked up the number to goodwill who will come pickup the dining table and chairs and sofa. It sucks. But hoping they can take it anyway.
If not. Side of the road is fine with me. Maybe someone else's road? Nah, I won't do that. But you never know round here. I used the cane today. Had no choice. I can not stand more than 30 seconds without needing to get off my feet. That lady giving me the pedicure today was so sweet...and her intensions were good, but she did ask me if I thought the Weight was part of the problem? Yeah, she said that out loud. I had to agree that it most likely is part of the problem.

Which lead me to the salads, fruit, sugar free apple sauce today at the grocery store.

Then the boss called. Oh dear. He is signing up our company with one of those LEAD places...which is a rip off mostly.
The lot he listed last week is under contract and he is happy....I filled him in out my daughters two closings later this week...and texted him
her number for the details. He will meet her to pick up check from lawyer and give her another, we are having a busy week...
and it is only Monday.

I suggested to him that we might need to recruit someone to help out since I can barely stand up now. He is putting in an add.
I am sure he did not understand. I think we can ask another Brother in Charge to work with our company in some degree...
to help him out or me so, if they are a broker in charge....we can ask them. I will bring that up next time. Did not want to
blow a fuse today.

Feeling terrible. But off my feet