2017-07-10 07:33:16 (UTC)


Distress in these few days. My mom just got admitted into the hospital and discharged after 3 days because of a mild stoke. She can't really be left alone now and me and my father needs to work and i work longer hours than dad.
I also have my proposal coming up and at the same time have to take care of my mom so i don't really have time for own either.
Even though my family had tougher times before but then I was just so naive knowing nothing, I was only 6 at that time.
Now that I am more capable and independent than before. I don't want to rely on my family too much even though my brother is financially supporting us as he also has his own life to live.
With the love that I'm chasing after, I also busy but no matter what I still look for time to check out on him.
Just everything is so hectic...
I really wish nothing goes any more worst than this. If it really happens, I really don't know how am I gonna handle it.