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2017-07-09 20:20:13 (UTC)

Sunday updates

Was up early checking in on Big Brother feeds. Took a shower and got dressed to get the heck out of here. My knee has not been throbbing as much so I was hoping that staying off of it was helping. Plus I am taking the pill for inflammation. I think the swelling look is going down.

I went to Wal mart alone this time. But lucked up on finding a parking space up close and a shopping cart to rely on while walking inside. I did a couple laps in there for real. Checking out the fat girl crop pants...the ones that fit loose made of a thick t-shirt material. I found a white, black, green and dark blue pair. All less than 10 bucks. Went to the sewing department to pick up a marker. I want to put on these long dresses I recently bought and have him mark where they need to be hemmed. It is time to do that. I found a place near here that does it.

I wobbled over to the throw pillow section. He said he wanted a couple for the loveseat. I did not find what he was mentioning, so I looked at the pillow cases on my way to check out. My left knee was hurting some, but not throbbing. My right knee however began to hurt like hell.
SHIT. So, I got the heck out of there. Put my stuff in the car and headed toward the country club.

The wind was not blowing enough to capture the perfect photo of the main entrance so I headed on home.

My husband helped me into the house from our garage. I was checking my phone once I got settled and saw that I had a response to an email I had sent the old friend. The one who has had nothing to do with me since her surgery. She finally pardoned me I guess from the cold shoulder. It appears that another guy she dated a while back has passed away. I never really knew this one, but I do recall when they dated. She was asking about our other friend implying she had broken up with her boyfriend, she thought. It was nice to hear about her dad who is doing good at 88. She mentioned him. But she is still not working, so it looks like that back surgery did not do so good. Not a fan. I am wondering now if knee surgery is gonna be a regret?

I am not going to respond to her right away. She took a while to respond to me. And when I do, I am not mentioning that yes, I have been in contact with our mutual friend, and not gonna mention her boyfriend. I have heard nothing about them breaking up. So, she might be baiting me for information. She thinks she is a Nancy Drew sometimes. It was still good to hear from her. I hate she was not able to return to her job. She really had a good one and I bet she missed that routine.

So, now, I am kind of thinking I should give it a day or two but probably need to call that surgeon and make sure they do MRI on both knees instead of just one. I can not imagine trying to rely on the right knee while the left knee heals. Might need both of them done at the same time.

I did pick up some cold beer on the way home too.
Nice to sit back and have one. But still hate being in pain.

I really got shit to do.