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2017-07-09 19:52:41 (UTC)

Miserable day

Hi there!

I am a bit tired today but I have really good reasons. It took me a long time to sleep and I felt that my sleep was spoiled and when I realized it was morning.

It has been a long day so far. This morning I spent in my parents'house and so I was feeling strange there. My father seemed to be upset with me because of the episode we had yesterday at lunch time. But my daughter and I had lunch there. It was really good the lunch.

I wish I had more energy but I can understand my delicate state today. I am glad tomorrow is another day. It is funny when I feel this miserable my hope just goes away and everything just looks the same... But don't get me wrong I still have hope.

It is difficult to do my housework because I cut my finger. I hope by tomorrow I can start washing the dishes and so on. I haven't done much today. I still miss having contact with other people and not just my family. One day, I hope to achieve that.

Well, that is it for now... Good energy to all of us!