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2017-07-09 02:40:28 (UTC)


Mood: Tired, refreshed tired
Song: silence....well actually the sound of showers running
Color: Purple

Constant going from 6Am to about 2 am every day....took it's toll and this afternoon i meant to take a 30 minute nap that turned into a 3 hour nap which means i slept through dinner and all the stuff afterwards i woke up to a phone call at 8PM
But you know what? i don't feel completely dead to the world now.
I still feel tired and am ready for Monday/ Tuesday to be here so that things relax some...
So that i won't be feeding over 20 people and 11 people plus my family won't be staying in our house which is chaos.

I got my shower in before the rush of people coming in after a long hot summer day... which is good i'm glad i got it out of the way before midnight when i'm going to be regretting being awake...but will be awak longer any way.

No this VBS has been good, we've led some kids to the Lord and the mission team is filled with great people.
I'm glad we had them to help. seriously.

Now i think i'll go down stairs and join the conversation.... lol
You know actually try to be social instead of sitting up here in my room alone.... lol aren't you proud??????