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2017-07-08 21:05:33 (UTC)

Going to the mall

Good evening

I just returned from the mall. I had to go to the pharmacy and then I asked my mother to go out again although this morning we had lunch in a pub. My father got upset with me because I complained about the food. I hate when the meat is not well cooked. It tasted blood... He likes that restaurant/pub but I don't. I am not used to oiled food anymore. I cook everything without oil.

Today I am in a good mood even though I had a goal at my father at lunch time. I am not ungrateful as he was paying an expensive meal but as I told him I would like chicken instead of beef... Anyway, the lunch was a disaster in my opinion.

We didn't do a lot in the mall but it was good to see people around me. As always we had cake and pastry at the cafeteria. It was OK but it wasn't delicious as well. But I am so glad we went out that I still feel that I can have a better future if I survive this difficult period of my life.

Yes, my life has been really difficult. OK, I have enough food on the table and a roof over my head but I don't go out very often because I don't have a lot of spare money to spend as I would like and I am not working at the moment. A long story that I am not interested in reporting right now. So, I live a solitary life.

I have just spoken to my husband and he is all right. He is at home enjoying his day off. He works hard. At least , he is always saying that he is tired and exhausted from work. The problem is that he is not getting enough over time so he can save money to come and see us next year. Never mind, we will survive.

Well, now I will find something to distract my mind from getting down.

Good energy to everyone!