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2017-07-08 20:51:37 (UTC)

Do not brush teeth with this stuff


So, yesterday I straightened up my bathroom some to make it a bit more presentable for the bath fitter guy. I put my toothpaste in a crystal glass with my toothbrush. I thought I saw another tube too, but did not look to see for sure. Had no reason to think otherwise. Until this morning. HOLY not ever under no circumstances brush your teeth with 1 % hydrocortisone cream. It taste horrible. I have brushed my teeth, used mouth wash and a water pick several times. I have had diarrhea all afternoon. This taste in my mouth is unbelievable.

It has been almost 8 hours too. I am sick as hell.

I read about this stuff. It is some bad ass shit. I am going to put it under lock and key if I do not die.

Just saying....feeling like crap...pardon the pun.

Crapping too.