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2017-07-07 16:39:53 (UTC)

After the outtage

Another storm and the power went out. Usually it is not out too long. But this time? Much longer. We had to go get take out for dinner instead of cooking what we had planned. My son come home and was not able to shower and he works in dirt, heat and sweats all day. Our well will not work if we do not have power. So, we all sat together in the den with candles. I set candle throughout the house and it smelled so good. We had some lanterns also. I almost like it when this happens. We were forced to sit and talk about old times, people from the past and who we have seen recently and catching up all things. We did not go to bed until after midnight.

I was very upset that I did miss Big Brother. I wanted to see their damn faces when Lillian went out the door and Cody and Jessica realized they were not kind and queen after all. Those two ass holes are the meanest more hateful two people I have ever seen on this show. The way she talked to Josh after he was just trying to explain his vote. Many others voted against them too, but at least he was trying to explain his reasoning behind his. But no, she tore into that boy like she was a tiger. He was so upset later. And then she had to cuddle and slobber all over Cody later repeating all the horrible things she said as though being proud of it. True 100% ass holes. I hope they both choke to death on slop.

I got up today to make some calls, and set up some appointments. He needs to start going back to the eye doctor and continue getting those shots. He is worried. So, that is set up. Then I called bath fitters. They are coming at 2pm today. This gave me something to do. I cleaned up the bathroom a little bit and got stuff out of the way. It is ready.

I got in touch with the people who wanted my dining table. Now, I have told my daughter about it to be sure she does not want it. I need it out of here as possible. We have remodeling to do. So, he says. I can do my part. But as for it actually happening...I will believe it when it happens. Until then....


Bathfitter will be updating my tub in a few weeks. I choose the subway tile look with the rain shower head and handheld...with self cleaning filter....they are installing a seat and one bar to help me up. Taking out the old tub, building new floor, new walls, new access to plumbing will be so nice. I can not wait.

7200.00 for a damn tub. Hard to believe. But I am also getting a new toilet and window in there soon too. Not by them...but that is also
scheduled. I am not sure how all this began. I feel like I am dreaming. No one ever does anything for me.