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2017-07-06 06:54:54 (UTC)


Mood: drugged on pain meds but writing anyway
Song: Say you won't let go by James Arthur
Color: Copper

So over the weekend i got a really bad tooth ache and infection...
i broke down and told someone about it on Monday night and went to the dentist Tuesday.
I have a irrational yet very intense fear of dentist....which is why i put off going which is why the tooth in question wasn't reparable and had to be pulled, it's one of the back one's on the bottom left side and it was probably the second worst pain i've ever felt, the tooth pain and then the infection.
It's Wednesday night.... and i ate something for the first time in like 3 days earlier...
I'm on the pain medication and an antibiotic.
but im using the pain meds sparingly as i'm not in too much pain and dont want to take something like that unless i have to.

The Dentist wasn't as bad as i imagined... i mean when you build something up in your mind that you don't want to do, it's never as bad as you make it out to be....
that being said... 3 shots to the mouth, "laughing" gas and i could still feel the drilling and the pulling of the tooth... at one point there was a prying method being used. -_-

but drugged up on in the dentist chair here are some of the random thoughts i had:

"this must be what it feels like to be abducted by aliens"
(because all you see it bright lights above you you have people messing with you on both sides with the dentist instruments and you have the gas mask over your nose.... like ugh.

"Why the hell would anyone want to become a dentist this is a terrible job you have to mess with peoples mouths all day and cause them pain.."
( i almost asked the guy why the heck he became a dentist but censored myself, after i paid the bill how ever i remembered why a person would become a dentist.... they make ridiculous amounts of money and over charge people.)

The left side of my face, jaw check ect. is still swollen and sore.... even to the touch.
the tooth place is still healing and it honestly freaks me out the lack of tooth there.... ugh.

and now it's almost 2 am and i'm hurting a bit and i just want to go to sleep.
so that's all for now.