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2017-07-06 01:23:37 (UTC)

Todays Road Rage

I swear people are so uptight about driving a car on our highways. I wonder sometimes how they received their license. And today,
my husband is the ass hole who acts like a fool. When we left the doctors appointment today, he walked to the car and rode to the door to pick me up so I did not have to walk so far. So, he was driving us back home. There is something wrong with his vision. A car traveling behind the car, no matter how many car lengths; he sees a car up on his ass so he pitches a fit. He will pull over real quickly some to let them by and as they are riding past our car, he will make motions with his arms and hands showing his anger. I guess I am lucky my windows are tinted real dark. So, today, he did this shit with every car that got behind us. Finally I told him to pull over and let me drive. I was not about to ride with a person who is not only showing his ass, but putting me in danger of someone pulling out a gun to start shooting at us. I have a personalized tag and a very memorable car; I had to remind him that if someone gets upset and next week or after see me out somewhere they are going to remember the car. If they want to starts something with me, they are probably not going to know that it was not me that showed up.

He simply does not get it. we got into an awful argument. He screamed WELL WE WILL JUST STOP RIDING IN THE SAME CAR THEN.
I said okay.

I will remember this next week when I go back to get an MRI. I can go without him.
Then the next week, I have 3 appointments to go too. I will go to them alone too. Hell, if I were
single, I would have to do it. It is nice to have someone to walk with me in case I start to fall...
but then again I do have that cane...and it will be my walking help from now on.

I will NEVER ride in a car he is driving. NEVER