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2017-07-05 18:01:03 (UTC)

Typical doctor

SO my husband went with me. The parking lot seemed familiar since this was where he went 5 yrs ago after his first hip replacement. No parking spaces up front. It was ridiculous. So, I hobbled up the huge building which appears to be an addition to the hospital. The doctors office was real close, but the walk across that parking lot was brutal. I did notice that all the handicap parking was taken too. So, even if my tag was not expired, it would have been useless here.

I got right in. The wait begin inside the room where the doctor comes in. He must have looked at the x-rays before coming in since he said he had been studying them. He said my level of arthritis was low in comparison to the level it needs to be to warrant a knee replacement. So, he then examined my knee and saw it was swollen some and twisted it...pulled and wanked on it to learn more about where the pain is coming from. He said he would not schedule a replacement now. He wanted to instead set up an MRI and let me come back after that too see what to do next. He was leaning toward physical therapy now.

When I got home they called to tell me the MRI is next Thursday. The follow up the next week.

I am in awe with this. Hell, it hurts so bad, I was expecting surgery to be scheduled soon. Not all this.
He did give me a form to get a handicap tag for parking. Only for three months. HUH? 3 months?

Hard to believe. But that is all I got at the moment.