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2017-07-05 02:15:37 (UTC)

Ok day not the best though

Well, his brother came over to enjoy the cookout. So, with him and us, we had four. The old man grilled steaks to serve with baked potatoes and salad. He also made a peach cobbler. Everything was great. We were pretty organized so there was not much mess or work for me. I did small things this morning to help the day run smoothly. I was unsure how long I could be on my feet, so I stayed out of the way mostly but it was nice to hear voices and laughter though out the house.

No phone calls yet from anyone else. She did not call on fathers day either. I am trying hard each day to just get over it. He had to get over his daughters treating him this same way. Too bad for all of them and the little ones. It is not like we are monsters or horrible people or anything like that. So, everyone involved is missing out. But no news to report.

Finally should have news tomorrow to report about my knee replacement. I just hope it can be done as quickly as possible.

I got things to do.