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2017-07-04 17:47:35 (UTC)

Supermarket in the morning

Good afternoon!

It is 2.36 p.m. and we just had our lunch. We went to the supermarket this morning. Today is partially cloud. Sometimes is raining heavily and sometimes is drizzly. But as we went by car, I felt that the rain wasn't bothering me at all.
I usually don't like to go to the supermarket because my mother takes so long to do the shopping but today it was good to get out of the house early in the morning. I am glad to be able to buy food and it makes me happy to see my daughter eating what she likes.

I was so inspired that I prepared a chocolate cake. I have done some light housework as well but this time my daughter helped me a little bit.

Right now, I am feeling a bit bored at home. If petrol didn't cost a lot we would go out more often.

I have spoken to my husband and he is fine. He is enjoying his day off. Tomorrow he has to work again.

Well, nothing else to report... Good energy to all of us!