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2017-07-03 19:32:08 (UTC)

Holidays and Mondays

Always bring me down.....sounds like a song.

My day started early. I like getting up while everyone here is sleeping in. They were both here and the son had a race yesterday so he had a late night and slept in. My husband always sleeps in. Just a way of owning his retirement I guess. But I got up, started the coffee and stripped my bed to do laundry and clean up a bit. Did as much as I could. Took a shower, and that was it for me. My knee began to throb so that was my sign to get in my chair and stop.

I did sit at my desk a while making some calls and got some bills ready to mail out. After he got up I went for a ride to mail the bills and pay a bill that we pay in person at the drive thru window at Bank Of America. I rode around a little bit. Went past that little rental property I had been consulting on. It bothers me that instead of letting me list it for 70k, she told me she was going to take 30k for it in cash. Said she was tired of messing with it. Then, had the nerve to call me back asking how to proceed with offer and asked about earnest deposit amounts and who to write that check too? I told her since I was not involved in the transaction, they were going to talk to the attorney handling the closing. So, I had not heard from since.

This is why I was surprised to get a text today asking what amount I would list it for as is if I listed it? I thought, well, is she trying to get the man to give her more cash, or did he drop out? Is she seriously asking me again to consult on this sale? She said she would call me later to discuss. All I can say this time is if I am not going to be listing this house, I will not be consulting on it. Simple as that. If she gets upset, fine. I should be the one upset.

The boss is depressed again. I am not a good person to pull him out of it. I am also depressed about business. I am depressed that my house is looking worse and worse. My husband talks out his ass which means he talks....and talks...but does nothing. He is hosting a cookout tomorrow. His deal. His brother.....he is shopping for and will be handling things himself. I am not going to complain. But it is very depressing to see that everything he says he is going to do is NOT DONE. Nothing. So far, just more meaningless words.

We had a fall out here yesterday about my son driving a work truck home. The company he works for does not provide a place near here to park it. They did, but let it go when the work is in a new area and that is where he has a lot for equipment. So, my son drove it home this holiday weekend instead of taking it somewhere else. MY smart ass uptight old man decided it was important to run his mouth about it...saying that it was not his place to provide a place for the company to park their trucks. SO, my son having nothing at all to do to solve the problem was upset, and left for a while. My husband looked at me mumbling something about "am I I right"? I just walk off saying I do not want to hear anything else, I have heard enough.

It would be different if our yard was well maintained and looked like it. Instead, the backyard looks like white trash own this place and
live here too. So, what is one company truck going to do to make a difference.....only that at least one white trash resident actually has a job?

I said nothing though. It does no good.

I hate Mondays.
And holidays.